Search Engine Optimization Consultant NYCSEO: For New York Based Businesses (Small Local Business, E-commerce, Lawyers, Realtors, Surgeons, or a Company, etc.) that satisfy our minimum client criteria.

Business owners who are committed to increasing their online business presence please contact us via the form listed below.

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Our minimum client criteria. Only 3 of them.

  1. Your business or company should have an active presence with a good reputation in the market. (No matter if it is small)
  2. Your business or product that you want us to promote on Google should be of a good Quality. (No start-ups).
  3. We expect the owner of the business to co-operate with our team. So the process of scaling the business goes easy and smooth.

Why Partner With Us?

  • New York businesses never sleep. We see new businesses popping up almost everyday in NYC. But to get the required exposure a business in new york city has to face fierce competition. This is where we can help you stand out and deliver your products or services.
  • The clients or customers you are looking for – are available all the time on Google. It is the right team like us who can get your business website in-front of those target prospects and help scale up your ROI.

NYC Search Engine Optimization for New York Businesses.

Contact Redefining Authority New York City SEO and Website Marketing Company.

We integrate our proprietary methods into each campaign to keep your business website on 1st Page of Google, ahead of your competition.

market research

Keyword and Competition Analysis

Analyze your business competition and pick winning keywords. Strategically draft an actionable plan for long-term business sustainability.

Business Consulting

We provide a realistic projection on what to expect from SEO. Our team of young talent will work to help you reach your goal.

technical website aspects.

Technical Audit

We provide a detailed audit after technically analyzing your business website. And increase the visibility of your site to the search engines for maximum crawling and indexing of all the important pages on your site.

content marketing

Content Promotion

Our Creative content promotion gets the brand recognition your business deserves.

performance reporting.


We provide monthly reports on the campaign performance. Each campaign is monitored and optimized regularly.

Experienced Team

You never have to worry about any aspect of your SEO campaign. Our specialist team is dedicated to seeing you succeed.

You Win – We Win !